Vanavaas Activities

Have lots of fun in our place


With a natural pool on its premises and a gurgling stream flowing alongside the rooms, this nature resort presents a perfect wilderness getaway. You can enjoy the pool at any time, its totally free service.

mountain trekking

Our location is near to Malmpuzha Dam. One of the best destination in palakaad sarrounded by hills. You can enjoy the trekking expereince in here. Also explore the more activities in malampuzha park.

cycling run

One of the most pleasant and rustic settlements situated on the north-west bordered of Malapuram Kerala, Palakkad is also known as the ‘Land of Paddy Fields’. A cycling tour in this place enchants you with scenic views and pleasant trails. Get onto the cycles and pedal down one of the many scenic trails either on smooth roads or mixing roads with mud trails based on your fitness and preference.

Camp Fire

ESpend some night time around the campfire with your family in this chilled weather and capture those unforgettable moments to carry with you and share.